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DGCustomerFirst.com – Dollar general corporation it is mainly an American chain of all the stores which has a headquarters in Tennessee. The stores of the dollar general are currently operation operates almost up to 15000 stores.



Dollar general it began to operate in the year 1939 and it was decided to locate in the united states of America.

And officially it was known as the JL turner, the dollar general has a several subsidiaries also dollar general market too, Dollar general is known for general finance, dollar general has a global sourcing, and many more things.

The dollar general stores mostly deal with clothing, cleaning, health products, beauty products, toys etc.

Dollar General Sweepstakes Prize

The customer will be able to enter into the dollar general sweepstake via cash $100 which will be after the successful completion of the survey.

DollarGeneralCustomerfirst.com Survey Details

The official website for the survey is DGCustomerfirst.com. For this survey there is no compulsion of purchase. The age limit for the survey is 18+ years.

The entry method for the survey is by two way online and by mail method. The sweepstake prize for the winning customer is $100.

Dollar General Survey Rules and Requirements

To give a customer fruitful survey the portal must be perfect, the person will need to fulfill all the following details.

  • The person who is giving a survey must possess a recent cash receipt which will be received from the dollar general stores.
  • The customer who the participant of the survey must have minimum 18 years old.
  • The customer who is active for the survey must have a good equipped gadget like computer, tablet, laptop or smart phone which a good flow of internet connection.
  • The customer who has enter into the survey will have to provide a valid email address.
  • The stable connection of internet and Wi-Fi should be maintained.
  • The first important note for the customer is that he/she should be legal resident of united states.
  • If the prize winner is liable to pay all the taxes related to the survey, then only, he/she should enter into the sweepstakes.

Dollar General Customer First Sweepstakes Period

Dollar general first sweepstake period: The dollar general sweepstake begin at the second month of the year February and the fixed time is given at 12:00 PM which is also called as central time and this period ends at the 11:59:59 PM on the January which means this period is of 12 months or can say a year.

As this process will not consume a lot of time to participate in the dollar general customer. the customer will get a chance to win $100 gift card at the survey.

Survey Question Series

As we know that the survey means at a time, we see a questions series which is necessary to answer them without that the survey won’t be complete. So, customer duty is to answer all the questionnaires honestly and carefully. Related too

  • How the company provides the quality of the products and the services?
  • What is the overall customer satisfaction?
  • Tell more about the rates of the products and the over all service.
  • How rate about the all over cleanliness, hospitality and various sites of the stores?
  • How often does the customer visits the stores?
  • Rate all over the behavior and cooperation of the staff.

How to Enter Dollar General Customer First Survey?

The company allows everyone to enter into the dollar general survey at the general sweepstake eventually in 2 ways.

  • Online method
  • Mail method {which means without receipt}

So, the company allows to enter in the survey by both the methods to the dollar general survey to win $100 gift card survey.

Moreover, there are few steps to fill the survey form.

Dollar General First Survey Steps [online Method]

  • To begin with visit the official dollar general website at the portal.
  • Then the survey will ask to enter time, store number, also the 15-digit access code of dollar general survey which will be given in the receipt of the recent purchase.
  • As mentioned above the survey will show question series on the screen related to the survey.
  • The company only expects that the customer who is in the survey must all the questions honestly and genuinely. Them next part will be to click on the “SUBMIT” button and proceed.
  • After that the survey will be asked to enter all the details related to the contact.
  • The customer will get dollar general coupon which can be almost used for the next visit to the store.

Dollar General First Survey Entry by Mail Method

If the customer wants to complete the dollar genera survey without receipt, then there is only one way of mail method. For this the customer will not need to visit the store as well as purchase anything from any store.

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Thus, can we say that without buying or going we can complete the survey i.e., survey without the receipt.

  • First the customer will need a card which will be approx. 3.5×5”.
  • Next give up all the details like name, email address, phone number, D.O.B on the given card.
  • Then after filling up all the details send the card to address which is given. At dollar general survey sweepstake, P.O. box 251328 west bloom field MI, 48325.

About Dollar General

As it is almost the earlier dollar general it is a largest retail chain store which is in the united states. As it is a retail store it completes holds the web portal which will help the customer to be efficient. And just by the help of the web portal it becomes a big help for the customer to give a feedback as well as reviews.

Conclusion for Dollar General

With the collective data above information is true and sure will be helpful to fulfill the entire survey process of the one and only retail store of dollar general and their services.

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