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www.safeway.com/survey – Safeway is a grocery store that caters to everything according to your needs. Their motto is to give outstanding services to the customers implying that they provide you with the ingredients you require on a daily basis. Marion Barton Skaggs built the first Safeway in the United States in 1915.

Since then, the company has been growing at a nice pace. Customers who wish to participate in the Safeway Survey at www.safeway.com/survey have to conform to prerequisites first. The good news is, everyone, sharing their reviews at Safeway will be rewarded for providing vital input. The Company allows you to enter the Safeway Sweepstakes by participating in the Safeway Survey.


Official Safeway Customer Survey ...

Safeway Survey Rules

  • The age to participate in Safeway is considered 18 years old.
  • Only the people from Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Maryland, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Virginia, Washington, or Wyoming are allowed to share their reviews on the Safeway portal.
  • This survey excludes all Safeway employees, their families, from the list of entrants. 
  • The best part is whether or not you have made a Safeway purchase, you can easily get an entry to the Safeway Survey portal. 

The procedure for completing a Safeway survey

There are two major ways to engage in the Safeway survey. One is to go to a Safeway and buy something, while the other one doesn’t require any prior purchase. 

Enter Online (with a purchase)

  • You can start by reaching out to any Safeway store and making your purchase there.
  • Then to keep your receipt accessible for the survey, keep it safe until you are done with the forms and rewards.
  • www.safeway.com/survey is an important website to participate in Safeway Survey. 
  • Complete all of the survey requirements and questions to submit the formwww.safeway.com/survey.

Enter Online (without a purchase)

  • As above, visit Safeway and ask for a code.
  • If you get the code, keep it safe and reach your house immediately. 
  • If you’ve been invited, you can now visit www.safeway.com/survey and follow the same steps thereafter.
  • Finish it up as quickly as possible to get your Safeway code. 

www.safeway.com/survey -

How To Enter without making a purchase(Mail)

You have another way to enter the Safeway sweepstakes a need of making purchase at Safeway Store. Use the post method to complete the Safeway Survey. 

Take any 3X5″ card to handwrite a few details, such as your name, address, phone number, email. 

Mail this card by covering it in a #10 envelope and address it to the Safeway: SAFEWAY “Survey Sweepstakes”, c/o StellaService, 75 Broad Street, Suite 1010, New York, NY 10004.

Safeway Sweepstakes

This is basically a reward that allows the participant to enter the Safeway Sweepstakes. Prizes are granted randomly to the individuals who have joined the sweepstakes. Only twenty entries will be randomly picked up for the $100 Safeway gift card reward.

As a participant, you have the option of requesting a list of winners. Only the addressed mail stamped “Survey Sweepstakes” Sweepstakes Winners List Request, c/o StellaService, 75 Broad Street, Suite 1010, New York, NY 10004, is necessary.

www.safeway.com/survey -

Besides that, you have all the authority to contact Safeway over a phone call and ask for your help. Just do it by reaching out to Safeway through 1(877) 258-2799. or by posting a query to M.S. 10501 P.O. Box 29093 Phoenix, AZ 85038.

Safeway survey login

  1. Safeway Survey Portal: www.grocerysurvey.net
  2. Safeway Official portal: www.safeway.com

For Safeway Mail support

Customer Support Center

M.S. 10501 P.O. Box 29093

Phoenix, AZ 85038

FAQs www.safeway.com/survey –

  • How do I participate in Safeway Online Survey?

Visit www.safeway.com/survey 

Fill in all of the Safeway details been assigned to you. 

Then begin with the questionnaire. 

Answer all of your questions based on your most recent Safeway purchase.

You may also be eligible to participate in the prize draw.

  • Is it possible to get Safeway groceries online?

Yes, Safeway accepts online grocery orders.

  • What is the procedure for obtaining a Safeway Club Card?

To obtain a Safeway Club Card, go to any Safeway store’s customer service desk and fill out an application; you will be handed a Safeway Club Card on the spot.

  • What is the best way to check my Safeway rewards?

To see if you have any Safeway rewards, click here.

Go to the Safeway website and select “My Card” from the drop-down menu.

Then you’ll know what deals and rewards are available to you.

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Call 1-888-413-5003 to check the transaction history or the remaining balance in your Safeway club card.

  • Do Safeway incentives have a time limit?

Yes, One hundred points equal one prize; if there are fewer than 100 points available at the end of the month, the card will expire automatically. 

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